Making the Grass Greener: A Fall Foliage Guide

The rainy summers of Florida are gone for the year, which means the lush, thick greens of your yard may start to look thinner and browner as your grass dries up. This blog is your guide to maintaining a healthy-looking lawn all year long, even during drier seasons like fall and winter. With these tips, you can keep your yard fresh, help your flowerbeds flourish, and be confident in knowing the grass will always be greener on your side of the fence.

Maintaining a Lush Lawn

When the daily rains of Florida’s summers come to an end, your grass will be quick to respond. The miniature jungles overtaking your yard every week will stop fighting back against the lawnmower and seem to shrink. This happens because of a combination of two things: heavy rainfall suddenly stopping, and sunny afternoons sticking around. This pairing is unfortunately the perfect recipe for rapidly drying out your grass.

To fix this, pick up some sprinklers to connect to your garden hose, spreading them evenly over the yard. It’s best to run sprinklers in the evening when you get home from work, as running them in the morning can cause fungus to grow, thus damaging the grass you’re trying to save. If you run sprinklers in the afternoon, the heat of the day will dry the water out before the plant life has the opportunity to absorb it. Watering your grass at night ascertains the nutrients go where they’re meant to, aiding your lawn’s health most effectively.

Another factor to consider in making your grass as green as possible is the amount of sunlight it’s able to access. If it seems like it’s been well watered, but isn’t looking as vibrant green as you think it should be, look up—all that rain goes to more than just your grass! A tree in your yard can grow a canopy thick enough to adequately block sunlight from reaching the lawn itself, so it’s important to focus on  keeping the branches trimmed to guarantee every part of your yard gets enough sun.

Focus on a Flowerbed

If you want to add some serious curb appeal to your home, the easiest way is to introduce a flowerbed. A flowerbed in your front yard will serve two purposes: beautify the space for yourself when you get home from work, and show off your personality to your neighbors.

Coming home from a day of work, good or bad, can always be improved when you’re greeted by a gorgeously blooming flowerbed. Maintaining a flowerbed takes little maintenance if you’re able to dedicate a bit of time throughout the week, and offers an excuse to spend some time outdoors, which can do wonders for your body.

A great benefit of a flowerbed is the ability to have an understated personalization of your yard. Show off the spice in your personality with a bed of soft pink snapdragons, which bloom in the fall and thrive in full sun. If you want something even more vibrant, firebush is a bright red-blossoming shrub that looks beautiful in flowerbeds and around the border of your home.

From cutting back on the foliage already growing in your yard, to making your space feel more unique by adding new blooms, there’s a lot of different paths you can take to maintaining and beautifying your lawn. For more suggestions on how to make your yard the best on the block, be sure to ‘Like’ WCI Tampa on Facebook.

November 8, 2019