Sustainable Living Has Become More Prominent

Sustainable living has become more and more prominent.  Here are  different ways that you can be more sustainable with your interior design choices.


  • Non-biodegradable plastics and petroleum products can hide in plain sight. From the stuffing in your couch cushions to the paint on your chair to the structural framing material of your table, the use of unsustainable materials has become so commonplace that, for most people, it’s second nature.
  • However, there are a variety of other options for durable, low-maintenance and sustainable materials.
    • You can now buy furniture made from responsibly sourced bamboo, walnut, teak, eucalyptus and even cork.
    • Some companies even make vases and other decor from recycled materials like glass, paper and plastic, as well as reclaimed wood.
    • While the environmental impact of metal production isn’t the cleanest, furniture with steel, iron and aluminum components can withstand decades of use and can be recycled.
    • If you do have plastic furniture and pieces lying around, when it’s time to redecorate, always read the details to see if you can give it new life by recycling or upcycling it.


  • When choosing textiles for rugs, pillowcases, throw blankets, and curtains, you can choose from a wide variety of breathable natural fibers, made from renewable resources, that are easy to clean and don’t pollute the waterways with micro-plastics.
  • Textiles like cotton, ramie, hemp, flax, alpaca, wool, silk, and linen are all-natural fibers that you can use throughout your home in plush rugs, cushion covers, ottomans, and more!

If you’re trying to be more kind to the environment, being smarter about the materials you buy and consume is a great tactic to be more sustainable. However, the biggest change comes from altering your behaviors.

Second-hand items, like antique furniture and heirlooms, are a wonderful way to incorporate unique designs in your home while giving new use to older furniture. Redecorating less and investing in more timeless pieces is also a way that you can contribute less waste and have furniture that can last through the ages. If you want to learn more about interior design tips and tricks, make sure to like us on Facebook.

May 20, 2019