Thanksgiving Tips and Recipes

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to host friends and family in your home. In this blog, you’ll find some tips on how to make your home space reminiscent of a pumpkin pie; warm, welcoming, and inviting! And with delectable recipes, we’ll ascertain everyone has a dish on the table they can’t wait to devour—from the sweet potato casserole to the turkey we all spend the other 364 days of the year dreaming about.

A Seasonal Space

When your guests arrive on Thanksgiving, make sure to impress them with fall-themed decorations throughout the house. If you have any pumpkins that you didn’t carve for Halloween, they make great décor for your front porch. You can even use a pint-sized pumpkin or gourd for a fun festive touch to an entry table or cabinet.

For décor you can use at the table year after year, pick up a few autumnal-colored candles and a long table runner to help set the seasonal mood for your family’s feast. These accent pieces may not seem like much, but keeping the table décor minimal leaves more room for food.

If you expect to watch a parade or football game after the big feast, garnish your entertainment center with a seasonal ivy vine. These pops of color can be incorporated in all sorts of areas in your home like shelves in your china cabinet to the tops of your kitchen cabinets.



Recipes to Revel In

On a day dedicated to feasting, we’ve prepared three recipes for you: sweet potato casserole as a side dish, pumpkin pie as a dessert, and most importantly: a perfectly roasted turkey that will leave you feeling like a top chef. Check out these delicious recipes that we know are sure to please all of your guests!

With plenty of ways to make your home feel seasonal and inviting, and recipes that are sure to impress your guests, this Thanksgiving is sure to be a breeze. Plus, with full bellies around the table, the post-meal Thanksgiving Day Parade watch party will be relaxing, entertaining, and exactly what everyone in the home is looking for. For more ways to give your family just what they need, be sure to ‘like’ WCI on Facebook.

November 26, 2019