Understanding Interior Design Styles

To walk into a brand-new, empty home and make it your own is the ultimate creative test. Like the clothes you wear on your body and the way you do your hair, interior design is a form of self-expression. Your home should reflect your style and interests, while following basic decorating principles.

The first step to planning the interior design of your home is to nail down your specific style and go from there. Once you determine your style, you’ll be better equipped to look online for inspiration, colors and furniture that’s consistent to your theme. This will leave your home looking cohesive and professionally decorated.

Here are 3 popular interior design trends explained and tips for how to achieve them.


Floridians know how to do coastal style. It’s natural to pull inspiration from a place frequented by Floridians – the beach. This light and breezy style often pulls bright beachy hues, shell-inspired accessories, natural rope, and aquatic life.

To get the look:

  • Start with a neutral color palette – try sandy tans, off-whites and soft grays with pops of coral, blue and pale yellow.
  • Natural wood is a classic choice when it comes to choosing furniture – think minimal, sleek designs inspired by nature.
  • When it comes to textiles have some fun with stripes and aquatic-inspired patterns in colors you’d see in nature.
  • For the finishing accents and accessories, think about what you see on an average beach day – a lifesaving ring, a large conch shell, ship-inspired light fixtures and driftwood. These are the kinds of pieces that can be tastefully incorporated into a room to add a cool, coastal look and feel without looking too kitsch.


The bohemian look and feel is especially trendy these days in both home design and fashion. The style reflects a carefree lifestyle and features eclectic pieces, vintage furnishings, earthy prints, global textiles, and items often found at flea markets or during travel to exotic lands.  Fortunately, given the fact that this look is so trendy, you won’t need to leave Tampa, Florida to achieve it.

To get the look:

  • Neutral colored walls – primarily whites and warm earthy tones. You’ll want a blank canvas for all the exotic textiles and art.
  • Low-lying furniture made with natural, distressed wood and a matte finish are classic bohemian staples. These low pieces will allow you to incorporate patterned poufs for seating which is another key ingredient when it comes to nailing the bohemian look.
  • Exotic textiles can be sourced via online marketplaces from makers in Morocco, Turkey, India, etc. Foreign pieces will feel genuine to the design of your space.
  • Potted and hanging plants, mix-matched patterns, bright colors, metallics, and round mirrors are all pieces that will help define your home’s bohemian allure.


Calling all Joanna Gaines fans! The farmhouse look reached new heights these past few years with the wildly popular HGTV series Fixer-Upper. With this popular style, there’s a lot of shiplap, barn-inspired doors, harvest tables, shaker cabinets, and oversized clocks.

To get the look:

  • Start with warm grays, earthy beige, sea salt greens, and neutral warm whites.
  • The kitchen is your modern farmhouse style’s time to shine – think butcher’s block, modern light fixtures, apron sinks and rustic stools around the kitchen island.
  • For the rest of the home try incorporating vintage signs, natural and modern touches, matte black accent pieces such as candelabras and wall hangings as well as old books, vases and wooden crates.

With these popular interior design styles and tips to succeed, you’ll easily achieve a Pinterest-worthy home! For more interior design tips, like us on Facebook or visit our website.

March 4, 2019