WCI – Interior Design Tips – 3 Unique Wall Decor Ideas

March 1, 2019

Your home’s interior is a reflection of who you are. Your home is a space to express yourself creatively by showcasing your interests, showing off your beautiful family or memories you’ve made.

Here are three unique ideas to make your house a home with unique wall decor.

  1. Personal Items: As teenagers, we hung posters of our favorite bands, actors, and movies on our walls. While we may be a bit mature for the crooked poster look, that doesn’t mean we should stop showcasing the things we love on our walls. There are plenty of artistic ways we can still showcase the items we love and that make us who we are.
    • Create a hat wall. This trendy look is simple and utilizes items you likely already have in your closet. Simply dedicate a wall and strategically place your beautiful hats on hooks.
    • For all the music lovers, there’s no reason your records need to be hidden away in boxes and in drawers. If you want to showcase your favorite bands, you can either frame the album cover or simply place the records themselves in a strategic pattern on the wall.
  1. Collector’s Items: If you’re looking for a more creative way to decorate your walls, designers suggest a wall of your favorite collector’s items may that be plates, baskets or yarn. Hanging items adds dimension and color and makes a space uniquely you.
    • Plate walls are especially popular these days as they can be completely customized. Find items that match your color theme and interior design style and go from there. They can be vintage, bold, tribal or monochrome. When going in this direction just make sure items are secure and the placement is effortless yet strategic.
  1. Family Photos: Framed photos of family is the best way to make a house a home.  After all, home is where we love. This doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice creativity! There are plenty of creative ways to showcase the smiling faces of our favorite people.
    • Gallery walls for one are an excellent way to A. Show off your loved ones and B. Boast your design skills.

With these tips and your unique style, your interior design and home décor can represent the things you truly love. For more tips, like us on Facebook or visit our website.